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        ABOUT US




        Taixing Auspicious Clouds Chemical Co., Ltd.






        ABOUT US

        Auspicious Clouds Chemical

        Taixing Auspicious Clouds Chemical Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Guangming Chemical Co., Ltd.), China's largest potassium hydroxide manufacturer, is located in the Madian Thermoelectricity Development Zone of Taixing in Jiangsu province. Our company enjoys a convenient transportation both by water and land for it is close to Changjiang River and Yanjiang Class I Highway to the west, Jinghu expressway and Xinchang railway to the east. Founded in 1991, our company now has a fixed assets of RMB 0.30 billion. Occupying a total area of 200,000 square meters, our company has around 830 employees, including more than 400 engineering technicians in different fields. With powerful technical strength, our company has a broad development prospect.

        Our company mainly produces "Haoguang" brand industrial potassium hydroxide and its joint products including liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, chloroactic acid etc. by the ion membrane electrolysis. Annual output ranks first in our country. Meanwhile, the products of our ion membrane potassium hydroxide production line ( which is the developing direction of this industry) not only can meet the demands of Chinese market, but also are exported to the international market. Paying great attention to product quality, our company insists on using quality control procedures in the whole process of production. In 1997, our company was the first in the same industry that received certificate of international ISO9002 quality system, thus our daily operation is processed under such 3-in-1 system of Quality, Environment and Career health security. Our company occupies 1/3 domestic market shares for its flexible management mode, good credit and service; we now have had such industrial advantages of "Production is interlocked with the sales quantity, the production and sales are both booming in the market". Water, electricity and gas in our company are all provided by our company itself. Besides, our company has its own motorcade and fleet, and two wharfs with throughput of 500,000t.

        With more than ten years' rolling expansion and development, our company has achieved excellent social and economic benefits, with the support of its own advantages of product quality, production consumption and positional development. Our company has got rapid and sustainable development. At the same time, we are always concerned about the development of new products, we aim to develop these products and industries. At present, our 8,000T/A of sorbic acid & potassium sorbate has become the new profits-growth pole. During the period of "China eleventh five-year-program", basing on the advantageous resources of thermoelectricity and chlorinated alkali products, we will expand and extend our industrial chain and invest more in the Research & development of new products and technologies for achieving the leaping development.

        Upholding such tenet of "Co-development, Cooperation for great development", friends are sincerely welcome to visit our for business negotiation, investment or cooperation.

        Management policy
        Basing on the basic chemical industry to keep improvement and develop new products;
        Through develop our business by the leading technology to satisfy our customers;
        Through saving the energy and lowering the cost to discharge the standard-meeting waste;
        Basing on the human demands to provide a healthy and safe environment;
        Abiding the laws and regulations to keep improvement.

        Based on basic chemical industry, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new

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