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        ABOUT US




        Taixing Auspicious Clouds Chemical Co., Ltd.







        Auspicious Clouds Chemical

        Sodium hydroxide

        Molecular formula: NaOH
        Molecular weight: 40
        Appearance: white and lustrous; slight yellow is allowed.
        Property:ood moisture absorption; easily soluble in water; corrosive.
        Use:Mainly used in paper making, soap making, textiles, printing & dyeing, chemical fiber, pesticides, petro-chemical, medical and food industries.
        Packing:In woven bag; net wt. 25kgs/bag. bag
        Storage & Transport:In dry place; avoid damage to package; protect against pollution, dampness and aid.

        Danger No. China: 82001
        UN NO.: solid: 1823, liquid: 1824
        LMDG NO.: solid: 8225, liquid: 8226
        Packing Label: corrosive artilce
        Packing Type: Type II

        Safety:It is highly caustic, and protective spectacles and rubber gloves should be worn.

        Standard:GB 11212-89

          Best Quality First Quality
        Sodium Hydroxide %≥ 99.5 99.0
        Sodium Sulfate %≤ 0.02 0.04
        Sodium Chloride %≤ 0.45 0.50
        Ferroso-ferric Oxide %≤ 0.004 0.005
        Silicon Dioxide %≤ 0.004 0.006
        Sodium Sulfate %≤ 0.050 0.070
        Copper %≤ 0.0002 0.0003
        Calcium %≤ 0.005 0.008

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